MITMAT Products

MITMAT Platter

The 3mm MITMAT™ Platter Mat is completely flat for maximum contact with the platter and ideal for most tonearm setups, replacing stock mats between 2-5mm.

Mitmat Foundation Mat

The MITMAT™ Foundation Mat I is a rigid, rectangular, 12 or 25 mm thick isolation mat for use under your audio components. Designed for cabinet shelves, bookshelves, tables, credenzas and equipment rack shelves

Foundation II Mat

The MITMAT™ Foundation II is the 12mm version of the 15 in x18 Foundation Mat. This thickness has a measurable affect on resonances (200 Hz and higher) and an audible sonic benefit.


The new MITMAT™ Foundation Component Discs are 3 inches in diameter (7.62 cm), rigid, round, 6mm thick discs designed to be placed on cabinet shelves, bookshelves, tables credenzas, and equipment rack shelves under components.